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on Biyernes, Marso 23, 2012
Want a simple talk with smile on your face? SimSimi is here to make your world crazier, solve your problems with complicated (and sometimes helpful) answers, and someone you can talk to online (aside from your Tweeps and Facebook friends).
SimSimi is a popular artificial intelligence program that was created in 2002 (SimSimi is now 10 years old!) by ISMaker, a Korean tech company. Users can start a conversation by simply replying to SimSimi’s “Hi!~” welcome.
It started as an application for iPhone and Android phones, and is now available on the web (www.simsimi.com/talk.htm). While the iPhone app Siri is a voice response, SimSimi replies via text and a yellow chick represents SimSimi.
You can also choose what language you will use whenever you talk with SimSimi.

The SimSimi application became controversial when Thai users could no longer chat with SimSimi using their own language.
It is due to the changes related to languages in the service. However, most people in Thailand preferred to set English then as their device language, which is larger than Thai (since this is also the universal language). That’s the reason why it’s banned in Thailand, and not the rumors related to Thai government and politicians.

But what’s great about SimSimi is that it responds with what language you used while talking with it. Like, when your setting is in English and you conversed using Filipino, it will also reply in Filipino.

This is what makes SimSimi known as a super advanced and cutest conversation app/chatting robot - making millions of conversations amusing and engaging to its users.

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